Community Service

Helping Others to See

For people at the Aravind Eye Hospital in Mudurai, India, Dr. V is a hero. Both a village elder and a hospital chief, he insists that his staff provide “impeccable service” and guides his institution of compassion with a glance, a word, a silent presence, a smile. As Gandhi once said, “My life is my message.” Dr. V’s ·unique blend of being and doing is his message. Thanks to support from the Seva Foundation, he and his staff perform 92,000 cataract surgeries a year and 850,000 treatments to prevent blindness. “If you allow the divine force to flow through you, you will accomplish things far greater than you imagined,” says Dr. V. In this story, Seva’s founder, Ram Dass, explains how their support for Dr. V – balances ”being and doing” — or compassionate Actions and compassionate hearts — so they can do the most good for others in the world.
Skills: caring, compassion, leadership, humility, service