Public-Private Partnerships

Share Your Strength

Dr. Deborah Frank is a Boston pediatrician with a mission. She knows that childhood hunger often masquerades itself — as a sleepy kindergartner, a toddler with an earache that won’t go away, or a seemingly healthy 2-year-old who is actually an undernourished 4-year· old. Dr. Frank has ·dedicated herself to finding out the real source of these problems, and solving them — thanks to support from Share Our Strength (SOS , a national anti-hunger organization that teams up with companies, restaurants and bookstores. This story, told by SOS founder, Billy Shore, shows how Dr. Frank came up with an ingenious – and surprisingly simple — solution to the mystery of 26-month-old Rosie Smith’s failure to thrive. Her timely intervention makes a world of difference for Rosie’s future.
Skills: civics, social & economic justice, teamwork, innovation, hunger, homelessness, social emotional learning