Stone Soup Leadership Institute

About the Stone Soup Leadership Institute

Our world is in urgent need of new leadership,
innovative thinking, and action-oriented people
who can work together to effectively build a more sustainable world.

The Stone Soup Leadership Institute is a 501c3 international education non-profit organization founded in 1997. Our mission is to develop educational tools, teacher trainings and initiatives that empower young people to become leaders of more sustainable future. 

For 25 years, The Institute has boldly pioneered a disruptive education initiative to empower the next generation with the tools they need – from DEI, SEL and service learning to climate education to sustainable career pathways – to become leaders of a more sustainable world.  Recognized as a global leader in sustainable workforce development, the Institute has developed partnerships with business, education, community, and government leaders – and have used our educational tools and trainings to empower young people to pursue sustainable career pathways for the transition to a sustainable economy. 

Stone Soup for a Sustainable World: Life-Changing Stories of Young Heroes incorporates best practices and sustainability innovations from 38 countries.  It is aligned with U.N. Sustainable Development Goals; NGIS and state standards that fulfill state mandates.  The Institute’s Stone Soup Climate Education Curriculum features 100 Lesson Plans that bring to life the stories in the book.

The Stone Soup Climate Education Curriculum was developed in partnership with the 100 people from 38 countries featured in the book and tested with students in the Institute’s climate education programs and initiatives. We’ve worked alongside those on the front lines of climate change, resiliency, social justice and economic equity: from inner cities to rural islands– from Martha’s Vineyard and Massachusetts communities to Hawaii, Vieques, Puerto Rico, British Virgin Islands, Philippines and inner cities of Boston, Baltimore, Cincinnati and Oakland. The Institute’s Case Studies spotlights how the Stone Soup Model – with our educational tools and trainings and the principles of Design Thinking, Systems Change, and Healthy Communities – serve as a roadmap: when we all work together, we can build a more sustainable world.  

The next generation deserves the best educational tools & training to help build a more sustainable workforce and world. 

At a time when climate education is more important than ever, we’re expanding our programs to provide climate education workshops to future teachers and The Stone Soup Climate Education Platform so that educators around the world will have free access to our educational tools and trainings so they can prepare all young people for a sustainable workforce and the transition to a sustainable economy.