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The Stone Soup Leadership Insitute's 2023

Progress Report on Climate Education

The climate crisis raging around the world challenges each of us to do whatever we can to help our children, our communities, and the planet…

Climate Education Tools for Teachers

      • 100 Digital and Printable Stories,
        Lesson Plans & Videos
      • STEM & Language Arts
      • Sustainability Innovations
      • Sustainable Career Pathways
      • NGSS: Next Gen STEM Standards
      • UN Sustainable Development Goals
      • 100 Stories, Lesson Plans & Videos
      • Language Arts
      • Cultural Social Studies
      • Service Learning
      • Aligned with State Standards

Green Job Shadow Day Newsletter

The Sustainable Career Mentor Initiative connects sustainability-oriented professionals as virtual mentors with young people so they can pursue green jobs.

For Earth Week the Institute presented the Cronkite Awards for Climate Education to government leaders in Massachusetts, New Jersey, Connecticut and Hawaii.

19th Sustainability Summit