Stone Soup Leadership Institute
Stone Soup Leadership Institute
#SaturdayThoughts: We’re pleased to announce our hosts for the World’s Largest Book Signing on June 24: Edgartown Books Book Culture, Skylight Books, A Cappella Books, Book Passage Bookstore & Cafe. Visit LinkTree to preorder and sign up for the book signing:

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Stone Soup Leadership Institute

Thanks to @Greenpeaceafric for recognizing @vanessa_vash, a passionate climate justice champion who is featured in Stone Soup for a Sustainable World. Preorder and join us for the World’s Largest Book Signing, June 24, 1PM EST:
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Greenpeace Africa @Greenpeaceafric
“Even after seeing all these stories of disasters like floods, hurricanes happening, [our leaders] still continue to selfishly invest in fossil fuels. We deserve a better and secure future.”

. @eve_chantel is a passionate climate justice activist from Uganda.