Stone Soup Leadership Institute


Stone Soup for a Sustainable World: Life-Changing Stories of Young Heroes

Food Sleuth Radio
NPR Syndication
September 2021

Green Teachers Podcast
Episode 17: Stone Soup to prepare youth for a sustainable world
July 16, 2021

Green Teacher Magazine
Fall 2021 Issue

Real Leaders Magazine
Francois van den Abeele, Slater Jewell-Kemker, Fergus Moore, Alyssa Lee
October 2021 Issue

SEE change Magazine,
Social Entrepreneurship

Francois Van Den Abeele , Daniela Fernandez, Fergus Moore, Jonah Wittkamper, Perry Raso, Vincent Kimura
August 20, 2021

US Print

Jerome Foster II, President Biden’s Environmental Justice Council
October 19, 2021

Indigenous youth leader Xiye Bastida
October 18, 2021

Build Climate Resilience across Puerto Rico
Salvador Gómez-Colón
July 2, 2021

The Times Argus
Author writes about climate change heroes
January 10, 2022


US Radio

Big Blend Radio:
Nature Connection Show

Marianne Larned and Iris Zhan
August 19, 2021

Bellingham, WA
Trevor Tanaka
Climate Change Heroes
August 2, 2021

The Last Word
June 30, 2021
Radio 1190
Boulder, Colorado
Ana Sophia Mifsud

KTRC-AM Talk 1260
The Richard Eeds Show
Santa Fe, NM
July 29, 2021

Lincoln, NB
June 9, 2021

Global Radio and Print

Nepali Times
Shreya KC: Nepali Climate Activist Makes Waves

Guyana Chronicle
River Guardian Benita Davis receives Young Heroes Fund Award

CBC Radio Canada
Janet Hulstrand

Nob Hill Gazette
Movers & Shakers: By Land And Sea
Daniela Fernandez
August 3, 2021
Gratitude Gourmet
New Book: Stone Soup for a Sustainable World: Life-Changing Stories of Young Heroes
August 5, 2021
Code of Style Magazine
World’s Largest Book Signing Virtual and Live Event
June 24, 2021

Harrowsmith Magazine
September 2021 Issue


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