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Praise for Stone Soup for the World

Stone Soup for the World curriculum serves as springboards for thought-provoking discussions and heart-felt actions with our students. We can see that these positive messages are seeping into their thoughts. Our students can make the world a better place…if we help them to see the way.

Kate Farrell Principal, Fletcher J. Hairston Middle School, The Children’s Village

I’d been searching for a book for 9th grade Social Issues classes. I’m so pleased to have found Stone Soup for the World. It is fabulous! The stories spark conversations among my students about why people are motivated to help — and what constitutes a “community.”

Kit Beaudouin Beaver County Day School, Chestnut Hill, MA

The Stone Soup Leadership Institute’s book and educational curriculum Stone Soup for the World: Life-Changing Stories of Everyday Heroes gives life to the Stone Soup fable. Our Diversity & SEL Curriculum for educators offers supplemental resources with 100 inspiring true stories, lesson plans, videos and activities in Spanish and English. Piloted by the YMCA of the USA, our curriculum has been used in 120 communities to inspire and educate young people to become leaders in their lives, communities and our world.

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